May 23, 2024

NARSOL Resources

NARSOL Resources

2011 RSOL Conference (St. Louis, MO)

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RSOL 2011 Conference: Organizers Panel

Paul Shannon: How bad it is for former sex offenders

Barry Ferril – Blueprint for Growth

Janice Bellucci: How I came to the issue of fighting for sex offender rights

Lloyd Swartz: Fighting Bad Sex Offender Legislation

David Day, Lynn Gilmore, Carl Post –

Missouri state legislator David Day gives us an inside look at how to approach your state legislators to fight bad legislation and sponsor good new legislation to fight the registry.
Lynn Gilmore of S.O.S.E.N. talks about the work SOSEN is doing to fight the family destroying effects of the registry. Carl Post from the Florida chapter of SOSEN talks about objectives and tactics.

Amy Borror: Fighting Unconstitutional Sex Offender Laws

Tim Russo: Organizing at the grass roots level

Tim Russo: Running For Elective Office As A Former Sex Offender

Mike Woodall: How the Sex Offender Registry has Broken My Family Apart