June 21, 2024

NARSOL Resources

NARSOL Resources

2014 RSOL Conference Videos (Dallas, TX)

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Chrysanthi Leon: Sex Offender Adocacy as a Social Movement

Jon Cordeiro: A Look at the Future of RSOL

Brenda Jones: A Look Back at the Last Year RSOL

Paul Shannon: A Personal History Of RSOL

Dr Steven Davidson: The Injustice of Our Great Nation

Lloyd Swartz: The Enemy Within

Vicki Henry: Family Impact 101

Andrew Extein and Galen Baughman – What’s Queer About The Registry? (Partial video due to technical issues at the time of recording)

Steven Yoder: Writing Op-Eds and Letters To The Editor

Phil Horner: Story-Telling for Change

Brenda Jones: Lobbying Basics

Steve Gordon: Fundraising For Controversial Causes

Wayne Bowers: Commitment To A Long Hard Haul

John Hall: Road Map To Restore Rights

Melissa Hamilton: Federal Child Pornography Prosecutions

Janice Bellucci: Registration = Punishment

Janice Bellucci: Challenging Presence Restrictions

Lenore Skenazy “All Fear All the Time”