May 23, 2024

NARSOL Resources

NARSOL Resources

2015 RSOL Conference Videos (Dallas, TX)

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Attorney Panel – Eric Tennen, Nancy Forster, Jeff Gamso, et al

Dr. Julie Baldwin and Dr. Tusty ten Bensel – Collateral Consequences

Larry Dubin – Autism and Sex Offenses

Paul Rigney – International Travel

Paul Shannon – An Introduction to the LEO Project

Josh Gravens – Legislative Action Panel

Nancy Forster – Challenging State Registries

William Quinn III – Defender or Pretender: Why Did My Lawyer Surrender?

Lloyd Swartz – Small Business As a Path to Success

Janice Bellucci – Registration Is Punishment

Janice Bellucci – Getting Rid of Presence Restrictions

Dr. Steven Davidson – The Power of Family to Survive and Succeed

Dr. Emily Horowitz – Protecting Our Kids? How Sex Offender Laws Are Failing Us

Jeffrey Gamso – On the Public Defender System in America

Richard Gladden – Registering “Online Identifiers” Violates the Constitution

Eric Tennen – Are Risk Based Registratioin Schemes Worth the Risk?

Janice Bellucci – I Have a Dream

Janice Bellucci – Lobbying 101