May 23, 2024

NARSOL Resources

NARSOL Resources

2021 NARSOL Conference Videos (Houston, TX)

The Rise of Proactive Police Stings, by Kathleen Hambrick.

This training workshop was presented by Kathleen Hambrick at the NARSOL 2021 National Conference in Houston, Texas. Have you heard about proactive stings but want to get the facts? Or are you a victim, or know someone who is, and want to help advocate against the practice? Kathleen Hambrick guides us through the process, from entrapment to registry. She discusses why and how it happens, and why law enforcement and the news media are invested in keeping the public in the dark. She concludes by explaining how to turn the tables on these kinds of stings, and what needs to happen to make them stop.

Immigration Consequences of the Adam Walsh Act, by Allan Lolly.

Allan Lolly is an immigration attorney who practices in California. In this presentation at the NARSOL National Conference 2021 in Houston, he helps workshop participants understand the Adam Walsh Act’s immigration aspects from a government policy standpoint and addresses the common complaints about the law. He explains that it can be extremely difficult to go to court to challenge the AWA for a variety of reasons, but it can be done successfully. Success in court is more of a legal process than an equitable one, and he outlines the factors that go into a successful strategy.

Civil Commitment – Endless Suffering in a Shadow Prison Hellhole, by Kevin Word

Civil Commitment: Endless Suffering in a Shadow Prison Hellhole was presented at the 2021 NARSOL National Conference in Houston TX. Kevin Word provided information about civil commitment in the United States, even for states that don’t officially have civil commitment laws and demonstrates how it all connects to the sexual offense registry. He discusses the impacts on liberty and freedom of people that have served their full sentences handed down by a judge and jury. This session provides the resources necessary to start conversations that will educate your local and state level leaders based upon facts and data about civil commitment.

How to Deliver Your SO Registry Advocacy Elevator Pitch, by Dwayne Daughtry

NARSOL 2021 National Conference presentation. Dwayne Daughtry, NCRSOL Executive Director and NARSOL board member, gives a presentation on how to carefully craft and deliver an effective “elevator pitch” which is short, impactful, and starts a conversation about opposing unconstitutional registries.

Messaging That Gets Results, by Michael McKay

Do you sometimes feel that your personal advocacy or your organization’s efforts feel like you’re shouting into an abyss? Are you frustrated because your “message” doesn’t seem to be resonating with enough people? You’re not alone, and there may be some very good (and avoidable) reasons why your messaging isn’t getting the results you hoped for. Michael McKay, NARSOL’s Marketing Director, discusses why our messaging often fails to find its mark, and what we can do to get better results as advocates, organizers, and communicators.