July 22, 2024

NARSOL Resources

NARSOL Resources

How to find what you’re looking for

The NARSOL Resources site is comprised of a “front end,” which is made up of typical web pages, and a “back end” which is comprised of powerful relational databases. We are all mostly used to finding things on web pages, and for a simple website with limited information, that’s usually all that is needed. But as the list of resources gets longer and longer (and less and less relevant over time) most of those websites bog down under their own weight. We’ve seen this time and again on sites where the lists get longer and longer and eventually become an unnavigable mishmash of often broken links.

This site attempts to go where no website has gone before. Once the site structure is set, the front-end pages will rarely change. The back-end databases, however, will constantly be going through updates, additions, quality control, and yes, definitely deletions as information becomes outdated or links go bad.

The website search box will only search the web page title, tags, and text. To search for data, documents, links, and resources you must do so from within the appropriate database on the appropriate website page. Please note that we are extending the lengths of the data tables as we speak to make more data visible at first glance, but these data tables will eventually grow to contain thousands of entries, which will require some scrolling.

To see everything in the data tables, use the vertical (and horizontal) scroll bars within the data tables (as shown in the illustration below). You can also use the group, sort, and filter buttons within the tables to see just the items you want to see.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or suggestions on how we can improve this site.