June 21, 2024

NARSOL Resources

NARSOL Resources

Welcome to a World of Unlimited Resources!

One of the greatest challenges facing people on sexual offense registries is an appalling lack of basic information, contacts, supporting organizations, employment, and housing. These are all absolute necessities for simple survival in an often hostile world. If one chooses to become an advocate for change, the difficulties loom even larger. So much of our time and effort is spent re-discovering a resource or reinventing a wheel that already exists. Our strength comes from working together, rather than alone. Sharing critical information is one way we can do that.

Because of the controversial and sometimes inflammatory nature of registry reform advocacy, it’s entirely understandable that many people have been conditioned to “stay below the radar,” making it even more difficult for registrants, loved ones, and advocates to find reliable information or assistance. We hope that you are willing to help us tackle this issue with a willingness to share what you know for the betterment of almost a million people on the registry who desperately need it!

NARSOL Resources that are now live (effective 7/10/20):

Advocacy: Autism and the Registry

Advocacy: Definitive Information Sources

Advocacy: Fact or Fake

Advocacy: How To

Audio: NARSOL In Action

Audio: NARSOL Podcast Network

Audio: Registry Matters

Audio: Criminal Justice Reform Podcasts

Event Calendar

Life Support: Educational Resources

Life Support: Employment Resources

Life Support: Financial Resources

Life Support: Housing Resources

Life Support: Legal Resources

Life Support: Prison and Reentry Ministries

Life Support: Support Groups


News: NARSOL Affiliates

News: Registry


People: Attorneys

Research: Academic Papers

Research: Court Decisions

Video: NARSOL Conference Presentations

Video: Criminal Justice Reform

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